Koç University’s Office of Learning and Teaching (KOLT) offers this course that aims to help participants improve the clarity and efficacy of their English-language instruction, to have hands-on experience with educational technologies that are widely used currently and to experience “individualized video-recorded micro-teaching” sessions for observing their presentation and teaching skills in English and receiving individualized feedback.

Course Outcomes:

• Effective teaching in English at the instructor’s current English skill level
• Improving English presentation skills at the instructor’s current English skill level
• Increasing the clarity and effectiveness of course content delivered in English
• Enhancing course design skills and application of student-centered teaching methods
• Enhancing ability to use effective course design and teaching methods to increase students’ understanding
• Enhancing skills for planning and evaluation processes of lectures
• Identifying strategies and tips to deal with pronunciation and speech anxiety
• Learning the crucial points in preparing course content and language
• Enhancing ability to structure a practical and actionable lesson plan that facilitates the delivery of a course from any discipline in English

Sarah Rachel Amar Training Assistant Specialist Office of Learning and Teaching (KOLT)
Sarah Amar is a Training Assistant Specialist at the Koç Üniversitesi Office of Learning and Teaching (KOLT). Before moving to Turkey, she worked as the program manager of a master’s degree program in international history at Columbia University and as the Columbia pilot site coordinator of History in Action, a grant awarded by the American Historical Association and the Mellon Foundation as part of their Career Diversity for Historians Initiative. Prior to that, she taught English with the U.S. Peace Corps in Samoa and worked in a variety of roles for the Conference on World Affairs at the University of Colorado-Boulder. She earned her joint MA/MSc in international history at Columbia University and the London School of Economics and her BA in English literature at the University of Colorado-Boulder. She also has a Cambridge Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA).

Courses Offered in the Summer 2021 Term

Please note that this content is tentative and is subject to change.

Teaching in English and Teaching Practicum

This track requires completion of approximately eight hours of KOLT sessions that consist of

  • active viewing of pre-recorded video on EMI and completing assignments (one hour)
  • two half-day hands-on course design and lesson plan workshops (6 hours)
  • preparing and video-recording a 10-minute micro-lesson (approx. 45 minutes, preparing the lesson, recording the video and editing for viewing)
  • meeting with KOLT instructor(s) to receive individualized feedback (15 minutes)

KOLT’s Teaching in English and Teaching Practicum track is designed for instructors who are non-native speakers of English but who use the language as their primary medium of instruction. The pre-recorded video offers participants practical and actionable strategies for improving the clarity and efficacy of their English-language instruction. Participants will come away with functional approaches and concrete tips for designing and delivering confident instruction (lectures, seminars, and laboratory sections) in English, while maintaining and increasing their students’ levels of comprehension and content mastery. The video covers effective lesson structures that facilitate and increase student comprehension, the nature and use of signposting language, strategies for generating student engagement in English-language discussions, tips for becoming conversational in individual disciplines, the importance of classroom discourse and up-to-date scholarship on effective, student-centered teaching methods. Participants will be asked to complete a short assignment to apply the knowledge they gain through viewing the video.

This will be followed by course design and lesson plan workshops in which participants will design their own sample course and a lesson plan in EMI with instructor support. Finally, participants will undertake a teaching practicum, video-recording a sample lesson and receiving individualized instructor feedback on their teaching skills and use of English. Participants are expected to record a ten-minute micro-lesson, share it with the instructor(s) and attend an individualized session to receive feedback.

Dates: June 23, June 24, July 1 + individual assignments (see the schedule below for dates and deadlines)
Duration: ~8 hours
Course Fee: 800 TL

Course Schedule


Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
22 June  23 June  24 June 
17:30 – 18:30 The pre-recorded video must be watched and assignments must be completed by 23 June. Course 1 Course 4
18:45 – 19:45 Course 2 Course 5
20:00 – 21:00 Course 3 Course 6
29 June 30 June 1 July
10.00 – 21.00 Participants must prepare their micro-teaching videos and send it to course instructor by July 1. Individual feedback sessions for video-recorded micro-teaching performances. Every participant will select a 15-minute feedback appointment.