Koç University’s Office of Learning and Teaching (KOLT) offers this course that aims to help participants improve the clarity and efficacy of their English-language instruction, to have hands-on experience with educational technologies that are widely used currently and to experience “individualized video-recorded micro-teaching” sessions for observing their presentation and teaching skills in English and receiving individualized feedback.

Course Outcomes:

• Effective teaching in English at the instructor’s current English skill level
• Improving English presentation skills at the instructor’s current English skill level
• Increasing the clarity and effectiveness of course content delivered in English
• Enhancing course design skills and application of student-centered teaching methods
• Enhancing ability to use effective course design and teaching methods to increase students’ understanding
• Enhancing skills for planning and evaluation processes of lectures
• Identifying strategies and tips to deal with pronunciation and speech anxiety
• Learning the crucial points in preparing course content and language
• Enhancing ability to structure a practical and actionable lesson plan that facilitates the delivery of a course from any discipline in English

Zuhal Zeybekoğlu Dr. Director of the Office of Learning and Teaching (KOLT)
Dr. Zuhal Zeybekoğlu is currently with the Koç University Office of Learning and Teaching (KOLT). She is the Director of the Office, responsible for managing professional development programs for faculty and academic support services for students and assisting academic programs in their internal evaluation processes. With over 20 years of experience in higher education, her main research interests focus on learning and teaching in higher education. She has joined several SoTL projects published in national and international journals so far. Please visit KOLT’s website to view her CV.